About Us

Er. Raj Kumar is an Indian YouTuber who makes Technology related videos. He is popularly known by YouTube name “Raj Kumar Cool”. His father is Sh. Baldev Raj, and Raj Kumar is currently residing in Gurdaspur, Punjab. The curiosity of doing Internet related things has led him to complete his Graduation and Post Graduation in the field of Computer Science and Engineering from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. The prime hobby of Raj Kumar is his inherent talent of writing and singing Punjabi songs, whose glimpses are always visible on various social media platforms. As a professional, Raj Kumar is running a Tech YouTube Channel since 2016, which has achieved 8k subscribers within the time interval of Lockdown and, he always tries his best to reply to each and every comment of the subscribers. Most of Raj Kumar’s YouTube videos are computer oriented and regarding mobile related tips which is why they are being extensively watched by people with similar problems as discussed therein. Specifically talking about Raj Kumar’s achievements, he has completed more than 200 courses related to social media, Internet, networking etc. and he also has a Google Certification. He has always successfully solved all problems faced by users during internet browsing. All those videos which are being uploaded by Raj Kumar on his official YouTube Channel and all those which are in queue of uploading will be available at rajkumarcool.com. In near future Raj Kumar is seeking to have one lakh subscribers on his official YouTube Channel and as per Raj Kumar’s achievements, educational qualifications, recent trends related to computer & mobile technology along with his current subscribers so far,he shall achieve this count in short span of time.